Chapter 2 Getting started

All the things you need to know to get set up will be here. If some are missing please feel free to open an issue at

2.1 Registration

In the early stages I am going to limit the amount of people that can register to figure out proper scaling of the components. There will be announcements on the status page when the registrations are paused.

To register you need to write an email to

Inside of the email you need to provide these infos:

  • The matrix ID of the person that is the admin of the provisioned bot. This is NOT the name or id of the bot itself.
  • An estimate of the amount of rooms going to be moderated. This doesn’t need to be accurate but helps estimating the resources needed in the early stages.

After you have sent the email you will get a reply by me (MTRNord) when you are registered with further instructions how to get your draupnir instance.

2.1.1 PGP and S/MIME

We do provide PGP and S/MIME encryption and signatures:

  • S/Mime Certificate
    • Fingerprints:
      • SHA-256: FE:1B:E0:65:AC:6D:AA:88:E3:7F:55:D8:7C:5E:93:70:CE:C2:FC:02:CC:C0:DB:C8:30:50:8F:14:07:C4:44:43
      • SHA-1: D0:1C:B6:44:D6:54:06:AB:CA:FB:C1:D8:BC:A0:56:C0:56:9F:3E:B0
  • PGP
    • Key ID: 0x5ACE50B42A138D49
    • Fingerprint: 612E 4F92 213C BB51 45EA B070 5ACE 50B4 2A13 8D49

By default we will sign all emails with our S/MIME cert unless someone replied with PGP at which point we will reply using PGP.